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Proudly Canadian Beer Gift Basket

    • Perfect for anyone who loves beer, Canada, or both, the Proudly Canadian Beer Gift Basket from Hazelton’s is a refreshing and delicious celebration of the Great White North. With tasty high-quality snacks and bottles of Molson Canadian beer, it’s a great gift for Canada Day, hockey season, or any occasion. Included are six beers, sweet heat beef jerky, sea salt almonds, popcorn, shortbread cookies, a pralines & cream chocolate bar, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate covered raisins, crackers, beet chips, Canadian maple syrup, and a festive beverage box to store your favourite drinks. Send a perfectly Canadian gift courtesy of Hazelton’s. Of course, if you wish, you can also make this gift more personal by adding on your choice of beer, wine, liquor, gourmet snacks, and more!

    • What Is Included In This Gift Basket:

      Chips- Hardbite Drop'n Mad Beets Chips: Okay, we know beets aren’t exactly everyone’s go-to vegetable and not the biggest hit on your meal planning playlist (except if you love borscht.). So we’ve taken this undervalued veggie and transformed it into a totally tasty treat. Why? Because everyone loves a good beet.

      Beef Jerky -Â Great Canadian Meat Beef Jerky Sweet Heat : These strips of Sweet Heat jerky are small, and they are sliced to a medium thickness. The texture is more on the dry side, and it requires a reasonable amount of effort to chew. The aroma is fragrant and inviting. There are no visible signs of fat, and handling this jerky leaves no oily residue on your fingers. The first flavors detected are mild to moderate levels of saltiness and sweetness. A juicy taste from the apple juice is noticeable, and it complements the overall flavor profile nicely.

      Beer- 6 Beers: This gift set includes 6 beers.

      Popcorn - Popping Amaizing Popcorn: A simple and delicious snack, our popcorn is fresh, handmade, and sure to please! This snack will hit the spot, no matter when the craving hits.

      Maple Syrup -Â Haliburton Maple Syrup: An exceptional Canadian product, Haliburton Maple Syrup is a delight to enjoy. Taste the smooth maple flavour of this pure maple syrup. Add this delicious syrup to your baked goods, pancakes, waffles, and anything else that needs a touch of Canadian charm.

      Coffee Beans -Â Bruges Milk Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans: Smooth milk chocolate covers these crunchy coffee beans for an invigorating treat that will give you a burst of energy whenever you please.

      Chocolate Raisins-Â Bruges Classic Chocolate Covered Raisins Pillow Box 100 g: These classic and delightful chocolate covered raisins are a delicious sweet treat that are both healthy and indulgent! 100g

      Chocolates- Bruges Milk Chocolate Pralines & Cream Bar 50 g: This decadent Bruges Classic chocolate bar is filled with the classic flavours of pralines & cream.

      Cookies-The Shortbread Bakery Original Gourmet : Can love be expressed through a cookie? If they are smooth delicate gourmet shortbread cookie from The Shortbread Bakery, then you'll instantly taste the love baked in, the moment its bite-sized morsels dissolve on your tongue.

      Crackers- Partners Crackers Roasted Garlic & Rosemary : Slow baked with olive oil and sea salt, these crackers are perfect for snacking on their own or paired with all your favorite snacks.

      NutsÂ- Simply Naked Nuts Sea Salt Almonds : For the almond lover, our Simply Naked Sea Salt Almonds will make you smile. Lightly roasted in sea salt to bring out their flavor, enjoy them any way you like. Nature got it right.

      Beverage Box -Â 6 Beverage Box : This beautiful box can hold up to 6 beverages securely for travel or storage. It features decorative text on the lid.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Khloe Mcculloch
Highly endorse this company.

Hands down, the most pleasant buying experience ever!! never ever hesitate to use hazeltons.

Steven Rodriguez
Pretty and simple

The appearance looks pretty and simple, but the most wonderful part of the basket is, that it's not as regular as the other baskets, and I still can taste it. Buy this basket again.

Alexia Miles
Was an absolute hit

You always provide clear information and descriptions of the basket selections -- I find your advice to be very good! And the order was delivered quickly...already enjoying one of the product selected.

Emily Powers
Would recommend

Easy to order & canadian beer gift was delivered quickly on my chosen day which is amazing especially during lockdown. My mum loved her gift, thank you!

Ashanti Traynor
Great experience

Very clear, thoughtful and completely straightforward. No surprises at all. Exactly what you’d want in an online transaction. Cannot recommend them highly enough.