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Ice-Cold Beer & Grilling Gift

  • Great for Father's Day or as a gift for the Barbecue Chef in your family, the Ice-Cold Beer & Grilling Gift from Hazelton’s is sure to be a hit. This gift features a beautiful grilling tool set, six beers, chipotle hot sauce, smokehouse barbecue sauce, mini hot pepperoni sticks, caramel & dark chocolate popcorn, dry roasted pistachios, peanut brittle, sweet heat beef jerky, and two beer glasses. Of course, if you wish, you can add on your choice of wine, beer, champagne, gourmet snacks, sweet treats, and more from our custom options.

  • Included in this Gift:

    Beer - 6 Beers : This gift set includes six beers.

    JerkyÂ- Great Canadian Meat Beef Jerky Sweet Heat : These strips of Sweet Heat jerky are small, and they are sliced to a medium thickness. The texture is more on the dry side, and it requires a reasonable amount of effort to chew. The aroma is fragrant and inviting. There are no visible signs of fat, and handling this jerky leaves no oily residue on your fingers. The first flavors detected are mild to moderate levels of saltiness and sweetness. A juicy taste from the apple juice is noticeable, and it complements the overall flavor profile nicely.

    PepperoniÂ- Mini Pepperoni Hot : Add a kick to your snack with Mini Pepperoni in Hot. This bold and flavourful salami is a true delight. Crafted with dedication and care, this hot salami is a wonderful snack on its own, or as part of an appetizer when served alongside cheese, wine, and spreads. Ready To Eat - Keep Refrigerated.

    PopcornÂ- Boss Caramel & Dark Chocolate Pretzel Popcorn : That perfect blend of sweet & salty, this Caramel & Dark Chocolate Pretzel popcorn is a delicious combination of crunchy, crispy, sweet, earthy, and scrumptious!

    Hot Sauce- Big Bad Bobby's- Chipotle Hot Sauce : A truly unique smooth textured, rich and smoky hot sauce. Crafted from smoked red jalapenos, onions, garlic, and a custom spice blend.

    BBQ SauceÂ- Braswell's Ole Smokehouse Moppin Sauce : When mopped onto the smoking meat, this thin liquid adds flavor and prevents dryness. One taste and you'll come back for more!

    NutsÂ- Simply Naked Dry Roasted PistachiosÂ: For the pistachio lover, our Simply Naked Dry Roasted Pistachios will make you smile. Lightly roasted to bring out all the nuances of these delicious nuts, enjoy them any way you like. Nature got it right.

    BrittleÂ- The Brittle Co. Peanut BrittleÂ: A traditional brittle infused mixed with crunchy peanuts. Handmade in our kitchen with the most exquisite ingredients, this brittle is guaranteed to be delightful snack.

    Glasses - 2 Duncan Double-Walled Beer Glasses : A novel and fun way to enjoy your favorite brew, the Duncan Double-Walled Beer Glass has the silhouette of a beer bottle inside and keeps cold drinks nice and cold.

    Grilling Tool SetGrill Set : This BBQ Collection contains the essentials you will need to prepare a phenomenal barbecue feast. 1 Fully-lined aluminum storage case, 1 extra-large stainless steel spatula with serrated edge and integrated bottle opener, 1 large stainless steel BBQ fork, 1 pair of stainless steel tongs, 1 basting brush. 4 large stainless grilling skewers, 8 corn skewers, salt and pepper shakers and 1 grill brush.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Tobey Pratt
Excellent communication

They made it very easy. They are very trustworthy! Your business model is flawless and they made the transaction so easy! Well done.

Sarah Steel
Savor the Finest

The keg of beer ensures a fresh and flavorful drinking experience.

Jane Stanford
Raise a Glass to Excellence

This collection is a true delight for beer lovers, offering an uncompromising selection that is perfect for any occasion

Grahame Taylor
The Perfect Gift for Beer Lovers

The rustically charming cutting board and elegant beer drinking glasses add a touch of sophistication to the presentation.

Sarah Neale

The six carefully selected beers perfectly complement the smoky flavors of the chipotle hot sauce and smokehouse barbecue sauce.