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Rube Goldbeer

  • Henderson Brewing Company has established themselves as a beloved fixture in Toronto's beer scene thanks to their wildly popular (and highly lauded) Henderson's Best. Though Best may be Henderson's flagship beer, these brewing masterminds have begun expanding their repertoire exponentially in recent years. 

  • About The Beer:

    Named after the charmingly funny Rube Goldberg machine hanging over Henderson Brewing Company's bar, Rube Goldbeer is a crisp and well-balanced Belgian style tripel that is most certainly deserving of its Ontario Brewing Award. The spicy aroma, flavourful malts, and crisp hops blend together to create a truly exceptional golden delight that engages the senses with every drop. 

    Colour: Brown

    Style: Belgian Tripel

    IBU: N/A

    ABV: 8%


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
29-03-2018 10.18
great service and products

Ordered this for a friend who is always ready to try new alcohol and loves having tasting parties at their home. This was his review-Golden pour with a thin white head. The aroma has a bit of honeyed quality, some spice and a little bit of sweetness. Pretty aromatic, some clove and a little bit of of fruit. Orange and a bit of peppery quality. Pretty tasty really. So i think a did i good job by ordering this beer for him

27-07-2017 4.52

I ordered this for myself as i wanted to try something new i loved the taste. Very fruity grains and big yeasty aromas. Candi sugar, dark plums and ripe apples with alot of cereals. Finish is straw, more yeast, and some molasses. Boozy, and a very full mouth feel. A definitive sipper.

19-02-2017 23.24
Smooth and flavorsome

It had slightly hazy straw and a moderate head. Though it was a bit sweeter than I what I prefer but not too sweet. Very little hop but really smooth. You might also catch a spicy touch underneath it all. could be given a try.

17-03-2016 8.18
A spicy and aromatic drink in gold

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas and he liked it much. It was new to me but he knew quite a lot about it. It was a medium bodied drink with a certain creaminess to it. There were spicy notes of clove and black pepper with a hint of banana. It was refreshing and lovely. Recommended.

09-08-2016 2.00
Liked it

My brother got this one for our dad as a casual present. It was a strong ale with a great flavor. The alcohol percent was a bit high, but it was a refreshing drink nonetheless. I would recommend it.