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Paradise Lost - Guava

  • Founded in 2015, Blood Brothers Brewing is a most welcome addition to the Toronto craft beer community. The small local brewery is owned by a two brother team, who along with their intrepid colleagues concoct bold and unique beers. 

  • About The Beer:

    Bold, sweet, and tart, Blood Brother's Paradise Lost: Guava is a fascinating sour ale quite unlike any other. The Addition of guava to an otherwise citrus driven flavour profile grants this edition of Blood Brother's Paradise Lost line of ales a life of its own. 

    Colour: Deep Gold

    Style: Sour Ale

    IBU: N/A

    ABV: 6%


Included In This Beer Gift From Hops Collective

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
nice one

I love trying out new breweries and ordered the paradise lost and it is a Hazy gold with a thin ring of white head. Nose - guava and a nice sharp sour note. Taste- tart, sour, juicy guava and other tropical notes. The finish is puckering. Liked this a lot. Will def order more.

something new

Hazy pale but dull. Thin head. Massive fruit nose, beautiful guava on the palate with full body, balanced tartness. Fantastic.

good services

Pours a clear gold with a thin white head. Bright guava and tropical fruit, passion fruit, musk. Medium bodied, tangy with light acidity, tart and bright. Acid lingers, fruit. Tangy and funky. Loved it,

Tarty, dry and sweet

It had a very pleasant aroma with lots of fruity and tarty guava notes with hints of lime. Appears a hazy gold with a slight ring of white head. It was very unlike the other ales I had, but I enjoyed it. Happy with the service.

Good stuff

This was a brilliant gift I got from my brother. The carbonation was low, and the mouthfeel was a bit watery. One might find the finish a bit sour. The hint of tropical fruit is strong throughout, with some light notes of wheat and minerals in the end. Really nice stuff. Recommended.