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Laser Show

  • Inspired by all things baseball, Left Field Brewery has been crafting fine exciting beers since 2013. Constantly innovating, Left Field has accrued a dedicated following of Ontario beer enthusiasts, who oft to turn to the Leslieville brewery when in need of a finely tuned craft brew with an inspired yet balanced flavour. 

  • About The Beer:

    Inspired by the herb infused flavours of Northeastern America's take on the IPA, Left Field's Lazer Show is a well balanced double hopped India Pale Ale. The crisp hops are leveled out by the generous presence of malts, creating a unique brew that is moderately bitter while maintaing a strong cantaloupe-esque flavour profile. 

    Colour: Deep Gold

    Style: India Pale Ale

    IBU: 80

    ABV: 8%


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
10-11-2017 3.27
will purchase this beer again

Pours a hazy golden colour with particles all-around, a warm cap, good retention and loads of lacing. Grapefruit aromas with orange notes and mild grassy hops. Juicy Vermont-style IPA and well-hidden alcohol, so does not feel like an Imperial one. Easy to drink with the citrus juices and nicely blended yeast. The finish is balanced very well with the dryness. Yes, could have this again.

18-11-2016 13.00
perfect beer for gifting or for yourself

Did some research on IPA and found out this one tastes really nice.My boyfriend loves IPA and this was just enough to help him enjoy his birthday without me! Was sent on time and everything! So happy with the service!

25-06-2017 0.07
great everyday beer

Pours a hazy orange honey colour with a thick, rocky, off white head that slowly reduces and leaves ample lacing. Aroma is ripe tropical fruits (lychee, light pineapple), melon, orange, dank hops (catty, oniony notes), grass and light caramel. Taste is sweet caramel malt, lots of juicy fruit notes (orange, melon, lychee, mango), grass, resin and light onion. Mouthfeel is silky with smooth carbonation and juicy, moderately bitter finish. Best beer from Left Field that Ive tasted so far and an excellent IIPA. Would buy again.

01-07-2016 10.54
Liked it

Received it as a gift and really liked the way it felt and tasted. It had a medium sized white head with a light musk and a bit of citrus on the nose. Average medium bodied and a bit of wheat with light lemon. It also had a hint of bitterness with a melon undertone. Quite relishable and great to enjoy with your folks.

07-06-2016 19.43
Decent packaging, nice service.

After my bad experience with another site, I feel compelled to review this as it was my second order here and it was a hit as was the first one. The delivery was exactly on time with a good quality product. It was a smooth beer with very clean and fruity maltiness and moderate carbonation. Loved it.