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Corona and Sunshine Gift Basket

  • Celebrate great taste and the arrival of summer with theCorona and Sunshine Gift Basket. Complete with a nifty Corona trucker cap, six bottles of Corona beer, rich gourmet treats, and more, theCorona and Sunshine Gift Basket is the perfect treat to share for any occasion under the sun! Additional gourmet treats, beers, and more may be added to the gift basket. 

  • Included in This Gift Basket

    Hat - Corona Branded Hat: The perfect hat with which to sit back under the summer sun and enjoy a crisp cold beer. This Corona-branded cap is perfect for any Corona fan.

    Cheese - BOSS Gourmet Camembert: Creamy, soft, and delightfully delicious, BOSS’ gourmet Camembert is a wonderfully delightful experience that pairs wonderfully with wine and jellies.

    Crackers - Gone Crackers Olive Oil & Cracked Pepper Crackers: Delightfully seasoned, Gone Crackers unique and delicious crackers are a wonderful treat to share and enjoy.

    Chocolate - BOSS Smooth Dark Chocolate Brick: Wine tasting and pairing have never been more delightful and palatable. BOSS rich chocolate bricks are crafted to complement wine and indulge the senses.

    Utensil - Corona Bottle Opener: This gift set includes a handy Corona-branded bottle opener.

    Beer - Six Bottles of Corona: Corona is a staple of summer, and for good reason, it’s lightly crisp and refreshing.

    Limes - Two Limes: The perfect garnish for Corona, limes are the classic pairing for the beer of summer.

    Glassware - Two Corona Shot Glasses: This gift set comes complete with two wonderful Corona-branded shot glasses.

    Container- Green Bin: This gift set is presented in a fun and functional green bin, perfect for storing beers on a bed of ice, or household knick-knacks.

    Please Note: This gift basket contains perishable items. To guarantee freshness, we highly recommend that an express shipping method (Same-Day, Next-Day or Overnight) be used to ship any order consisting of fruits/chocolate-dipped fruits, cakes/baked goods, flowers/plants, cheese, and all other perishable items.

Included In This Beer Gift From Hops Collective

Customer Reviews

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Mylee Lang
very nice

I bought this basket to send to my dad for father’s day. He's not the "flowers" kind of guy and I wanted to send something that told him we were really thinking of him. It was perfect! He was shocked beer could be shipped but was thrilled to receive a basket that he could really enjoy! He loved the presentation and the packing. The shot glasses the snacks and even the tin that everything was packed in was perfect. I have no doubt my money was well spent and the items were consumed vs being thrown in the trash!

Miss Lilly Davis DDS
My experience with this site was great

I really like your site! You have some very creative items...I gave these to my grown sons (30 and 26) for Christmas and they loved them. It was again appreciated when friends and family came over. I was a bit on the late side for ordering these hampers but they were delivered on time on my request! It was wonderful! Thank you so very much!

Britney Galloway

Perfect for every beer lover! My boyfriend is a big beer hoarder and corona is his favorite so this was perfect for him. Instantly but a smile on my boyfriend's face when he opened it. The snacks very very nice and went well with the beers. The shot glasses, bottle opener and the green tin box is a good keepsake from the gift It was wrapped great as well. Very happy with my purchase.

Alyvia Gray
excellent product

I purchased two of these for my brothers that happened to be retiring. Both seemed pleased with the product as both like beer. They haven't tried the snacks at this point so I can't comment on that. It arrived in a solid green bin and on the date ordered. I was told the bucket and contents were nicely wrapped for protection and attractively decorated. Happy I ordered them!

Mrs. Prudence Gutmann
Beautiful! Exactly what we were expecting.

I saw this basket online and thought of getting it for my husband as he loves this Mexican lager... The basket had some of the other items to add to its beauty. The beer was lush and fizzy and we loved it. The chocolate brick was great to go with it. We are both over 50 years of age and this was the first-ever basket that I had given him like that and he was so pleased with it. Going to get more for him from this site.