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Beau's Beer Tractor Gift Basket

  • Enjoy this Beau's themed beer gift basket as we give you the Beau's Beer Tractor Gift Basket. This basket contains an assortment of Beau's merchandise along with their signature beer, Beau's Lug Tread beer all placed in a rustic wooden pull cart.

  • Items Included in this Gift Basket:

    Beer - 4 Beau's Lug Tread Lagered Beer - 600ml
    2 Glasses  - Pint glasses with Beau's signature logo 
    |2 Coasters - Put your favorite Beau's beer on one of our Beau's coasters. These coasters are the perfect fit for any home!
    Bottle Opener - Small handy metal keychain bottle opener with the classic Beau's logo 
    Container- Small Rustic Wooden Pull Cart

Included In This Beer Gift From Hops Collective

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rachel Koffler
Different than what I ordered

First of all, the package was delivered to my best friend the day after I ordered it, not 5 days later on Mother’s Day like I had requested. Secondly, the gift that I ordered off a picture on the website was absolutely nothing like the package that showed up. The wooden tractor cart was the main reason I ordered it. And the additional dark beer that I chose on the list when I super-sized the order. What came was a metal bicycle, while cute, wasn’t as charming as the wooden cart that I knew she’d love. And the extra beer, Waterloo dark I ordered was swapped for small bottles of Guinness. The Beau’s, which showed the big bottles, were in fact cans. And the glasses that came with also were not Beau’s, they were small and unmarked.
I wish somebody would have emailed or contacted me to let me know that none of the things I actually wanted were in stock so I could have chosen something else. While she was ecstatic to receive a gift in general, on my side, as the person that ordered it, I can say that what I saw was delivered was a bit disappointing and wasn’t worth the price I paid.

Alexus Maddox
fast delivery and great products

I bought this for my boyfriend and I truly enjoyed it. Great idea! I have been using the wooden tractor to store books in the study. A win-win for both of us. Good service, fast shipping. Will come back and order more gifts in the future for sure.

German Berg

My dad is semi old fashioned & he loves his beers... very convenient to ship my dad a last minute father’s day gift that he absolutely loved! Thank you again!

David Nygaard
Fantastic Service!

I live in Copenhagen Denmark and my wife andf I wanted to send my father in law a gift basket congratulating him on being a first time grandfather in a small rural town outside Ottawa. We decided to surprise him with a Beer Tractor gift basket instead of calling him. He received the gift basket in the time that was promised and we could track the gift the whole way from Toronto to Ottawa to small town Osgoode so we knew the precise moment he got the gift. This was a really special moment for us and we really appreciate the amazing service and dedication the team at Hazelton's had in order to make this happen for us. Thank you Hazelton's, we highly recommend you!!!

Jovani Bowman
happy with the products

Was looking for something special to send to my dad for his 50th birthday and this basket was perfect. It was delivered on the specific date which made me quite relieved. I would definitely use Hazelton’s again!