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Wizard Wolf

  • After only six years in operation, Bellwoods Brewery has already established itself as a respected landmark of Toronto's Ossington Avenue, and for a good reason. From Bellwood's new full-bodied Imperial Stout to their crisp ales, every beer produced by this dynamic and innovative brewery is noteworthy in its own unique way. 

  • About The Beer:

    Crisp and refreshing, Wizard Wolf is a distinct citrus fueled, hop-forward pale ale. Though brimming with bold hop flavor, Wizard Wolf is surprisingly unbitter. This remarkable pale ale is easily enjoyed by all, while still catching the attention of dedicated fans of hops. 

    Colour: Pale Amber

    Style: Pale Ale

    IBU: N/A

    ABV: 4.8%


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
03-10-2016 5.14
great services

Wanted to order some new alcohol and found this on the site and wanted to give it a try. Its a really nice fruity light beer. Nice fruit flavours. Love it. Will def buy again. And your service is really great too, i had problems with the shipping address and when i contacted the service reps, they were very helpful and attentive to my concern and solved it for me. Also really impressed with the safe packaging and delivery.

25-04-2018 7.19
nice beer

Pours a lovely yellow golden hue. Hazed appearance. The aroma is juicy and fresh. Pineapple, tropical fruit and a touch of soft wheaty spiciness on the back. Slightly dusty with a very fresh note of mango, quince and peach. There is a faint hint of malt sweetness and a little bit of lingering bitterness. Damn - this is pretty tasty. Could drink this by the litre, easily.

18-12-2017 21.35
good company

I wanted to try new beers so got this one. It has a Really hazy yellow color with off-white head. Aroma has nice vanilla sweetness with citrusy hops and some dank notes. Taste is hoppy with citrus notes, grapefruit rind, quite bitter and dry. Light body with medium carbonation. Overall it's a really nice combination of old school hops and haze. Would def buy again for a nice light beer. Recommended for anyone who wants a nice fruity beer.

13-03-2016 21.22
Enjoyable and refreshing

Got a crate of this beer as a gift from a business associate. It was a delicious pale ale with a nice aroma and sweetness of vanilla combined with some dark notes and a citrus flavor. It is basically a bitter and dry drink with grapefruit rind. Overall it's a really nice combination of old-traditional haze and hops. Quite liked it.

14-07-2016 4.07
Makes a great party drink

Tried it on a recommendation and found it good. It was pretty crisp but the mouthfeel was slightly empty. Light body with medium carbonation makes it an easy drink for casual drinking sessions or a get together with friends. Recommended.